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How are today's students, collaborators, and funders finding you and your work? More than likely, it's through your website or social media. Having engaging content that communicates your mission is extremely important.

Explore your Mission 

A photo story captures the essence of your work and creates a connection with your viewers. A visual story can explore the details, the people behind the scenes, and the real-world impacts. Your science is important, so why not give it the media assets it deserves. 

You Need a Photo Story

Not just an assemblage of images

Most lab websites have a handful of decorative images that might look nice but are disjointed and don't build on each other.

Let's create a portfolio of images that tells the story of your lab, communicates your mission, gives you a professional and organized appearance, reaches a broader audience, and gives you a competitive edge when applying for grants.

Take your outreach to the next level

A photo story will allow you to connect with a broader audience and keep them coming back for more. A library of cohesive content can be used for websites, social media posts, presentations, and posters again and again.

Your lab can look straight out of
the pages of National Geographic

Build your Brand

A professional, well-organized appearance will set you apart from other scientists. Engaging content builds trust and authenticity with your audience.

Give yourself a competitive edge when applying for grants

Include your stunning visual assets when applying for grants. Funders will be blown away by the visual story of your work and the impact of your new and improved outreach. 

Every Photo Story Includes

The Hero Shot

The Context Shot

The banner image. Often the first image you think of when imagining a project.

These images provide background and gives the story a place and time.

These images capture the minutia of the work in high detail. 

The Detail Shot

The Character Shot

These images introduce the characters, such as the researchers or study species.

The Action Shot

The Take Away Shot

The final image of a photo story which leaves the viewer with a final parting thought that sums up the message of the story.

These images capture the most dynamic parts of the project and show just how the work gets done.

Ready to create the media your science deserves?

I provide a range of services from photo stories and web design to science articles published in popular magazines

Photo Stories

Let's create a photo story that tells the journey of your research.

Website Design

I build sleek websites that will communicate your mission and captivate your visitors.


Let's collaborate on a science article for publication in a popular magazine or website.

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